Powerpoint Presentations About Montessori Education and the House of Flowers

Allison Lide, Montessori teacher and Co-Founder/Education Coordinator of the House of Flowers,  has made a number of presentations about the House of Flowers as well as Montessori education philosophy. Below are descriptions of her powerpoint presentations and Dropbox links to them.

**If you have any trouble with the links but are interested in seeing the powerpoints, please write to her at MEPO at mepo.hope@gmail.com,  and she will be happy to send them to you, since the files are too large for this website. 


  •  Montessori Education and Its Relationship with the Emerging Worldview   Offers a comparison of the mechanical worldview and its impact on traditional education methods, in contrast to Montessori education as a method of education that shows direct alignment with the emerging participatory worldview. Contains videos of exemplary Montessori classrooms demonstrating the emerging worldview as manifesting in the classroom.  (This was Allison’s Masters degree presentation, presented at The Graduate Institute in July 2012.)


  • The House of Flowers: Montessori in Post-Conflict Afghanistan   Provides an overview of the House of Flowers program, including pictures, videos and a description of the essential  Montessori principles applied in the House of Flowers. (This was Allison’s presentation at the Association Montessori International (AMI) Annual General Meeting, in Amsterdam, April 2013.)