The Unfaithful (by Ramin)

By Ramin Arman

A fine blossoming red rose in the community of lotuses and other colorful spring flowers spoke to a seductively patterned butterfly. “Oh, my lovely butterfly, come near…put my red color on your wings, or just take me for a flight with you. Come and take deep root in the ground and stay here like me.”

The seductive butterfly told the flower, “I wish you had beautiful wings like me so that we both could fly around together. We could inhale fresh air and, like the singing love birds in these green gardens, fly together.”

The rose then spoke to the butterfly, “Come and take me, free me from the prison of this ground. Take me to the high skies. I promise to stay with you forever. I shall remain your companion until the end of life, my dear butterfly. Come free me from my solitude, from my sorrow of being pre-destined here.

But alas, you are unfaithful. You alight on and enjoy the color and fragrance of every flower. You leave me so that you could forget me. In your tours of flowers, you become so distracted that you don’t come back to me anymore.”

In its continuing journey of love, the butterfly became fascinated by a candle light. It drew nearer. In search of another joyful state, the butterfly flew in a dance around the flame. In that fateful dance fire caught its beautiful wings as the butterfly cried out, “Ahhh…”

At the feet of the candle the butterfly exhaled its last breath.

The candle then spoke, “I am not butterfly-natured to attract the love of the flowers. I am a candle that just burns in order to cleanse the desires, and for that purpose I burn myself down too.”

The unfaithfulness…

Ramin wrote this story when he was in 8th grade and living at the House of Flowers, where he lived from age 6 to age 17.  This story, which won first place in the in-house writing contest,  was written in May 2010, and was translated from the Dari by Mostafa Vaziri.

As of 2018, Ramin is 21 years old and is studying computers at Rana University in Kabul.