Hope In Life (by Shukria)

I have a hope in life, a hope that I could one day have a destiny that would bring vibrant colors to my existence. It would be a regret at the time when I die if I have not done any good in this world. So I have enough hope in my own life that so long as I am alive I will continue to do good work. It is regrettable that many people do not know this fact, as they are busy doing other things in their own life. When there is no good deed in someone’s life, there is nothing to envy about them. The time of suffering is when one has lost the chance to reverse one’s sins and bad actions. I can only hope in my own life that my commitment is always to do positive deeds.

My hope is also not to lose this hope and opportunity. The hope of life is like the tide of an ocean that flows in my heart. And always I have had this hope flowing. It is dark at night but I am conscious that no one can cut my hopes of life even in the darkest of nights. The hope that I have in life is stronger and more resistant than all mountains.  The stability of a mountain is almost as strong as my hope in life. Mine is even stronger than the mountain. Therefore I will never lose hope.

by Shukria October 2012

Shukria is 12 years old and in 8th grade. She has been at the House of Flowers  since she was 2 ½ years old. This piece of writing received first prize in the in-house writing contest in October 2012.