MEPO’s Vision and Philosophy

Our Vision

The vision of MEPO is about creating a bond between those who wish to help and those who need help.  It is about providing a little bit of comfort to those who suffer, who are sick, who have little to eat, and to those vulnerable children who need a safe environment to live and learn.

MEPO is a donor-supported organization with a mission of supporting peace through health and education, aiding needy individuals all over the world, with the help of caring donors.

“Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.” – Jonathan Swift, 1667-1745

Our Philosophy         

MEPO believes in setting aside national, religious and ethnic differences among us. Actually, our differences are laid in our attitudes and in our socioeconomic status, and are determined (or limited) by our ability to see outside of ourselves, rather than in our national or religious orientation per se, since these are only masking the deeper inner environment of our humanity.

It is not easy to claim that we are all born equal, because we are not: A child who is born in an extremely poor family or in a war-ravaged region does not have the same privileges as a child who is born in a safe and comfortable place with toys, wealth, the best nourishment and options for a promising future. No one takes responsibility for this disparity. What is to be done?

The philosophy of MEPO from the time of its inception has been: “Live for others…a candle does not burn to illuminate itself.” We do not live simply to grow up and get old in vain. Rather, we live to discover whether we were born to understand and help others, or to be understood and be helped.