Our Partnerships and Connections

HEWAD, an Afghan NGO (partnering with MEPO since 2000)

Mr. Nasrat (on the right) renews the House of Flowers protocol with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare in Jan. 2011
 In 2002 MEPO opened the House of Flowers in Kabul with the invaluable help of Amanullah Nasrat and his organization, HEWAD. HEWAD is an Afghan NGO(non-governmental organization) that has been working in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the areas of health and education for over 20 years.
Mr. Nasrat (right) confirming the protocol.

Over these past fifteen years, HEWAD and Mr.  Nasrat have been invaluable in providing oversight, support and management to the House of Flowers staff, as well as liaising with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. They have done this work without compensation; they do it solely because of their personal connection and love for the children of the House of Flowers.

Mr. Nasrat joins the Girls Education Day celebration, sharing his own poem entitled “Women”

 Lantern Projects, a US non-profit dedicated to serve as a clearinghouse for global aid projects. Lantern Projects makes donations to MEPO/House of Flowers  tax deductible, and 100% of donations going through Lantern Projects come to MEPO. In this way, dozens of donors have been able to receive a tax deduction for their donation to MEPO.

Nove Onlus – This Italian NGO that has been a friend of the House of Flowers for over 10 years. Nove Onlus’ commitment to supporting the model that the House of Flowers represents is also extremely strong. They have the ultimate goal of one day establishing a training program to help other orphanages draw up on the practices employed to such success at the House of Flowers. They have also provided financial support at critical junctures.

Playground Builders .This organization does wonderful work building playgrounds for children in war-torn areas including Gaza and Afghanistan. In fact, Keith Reynolds and Kirby Brown of Playground Builders have been long-time supporters of the House of Flowers in many ways – by sending financial support, by rejuvenating the backyard of the House with grass and playground equipment, and even sending a telescope to the children all the way from Canada. They also installed the playground at the local school where Razia and the other girls attend.

Canadian Women for Women of Afghanistan – This committed group has funded the House of Flowers for over 6 years. Their office in Kabul has provided extensive support in the area of security and financial protocols, staff trainings, management training, and extensive donations such as computers, clothing and furniture. Their support has been invaluable, steady and consistent even during challenging times. We couldn’t do it without them.