How Does MEPO Change My Life?

Whatever good we may do for others will soothe the mind with lightness and a greater sense of love.

Whenever life leans heavy on your soul, whenever there is a sense of depression, whenever your mind tends towards being involved with itself, caught up in its intricate wishlist and resultant disappointments, whenever you feel others don’t love you enough, whenever you want things for yourself and your family but feel it is selfish of you… then think about the change you can bring about for children and poor families in dire circumstances, even on a small scale. However you help MEPO and the House of Flowers, it should soothe and calm your mind.

If you are not providing your support to anyone other than your own family, then try expanding your reach and also provide needy people with material help. For those with means and skills, helping one’s own family is wonderful but is no longer sufficient in the world in which we live. Helping one’s own tribe, be it family, village or country is help with a vested self-interest. Instead, as Goethe said, “Humanity stands above nations.”

Helping others, especially those you don’t know, is wholesome.  The source of your humanity is in your noble speech and thoughts,but far more important are your noble actions. This selfless humanitarian attitude will heal your mind in times of difficulty.