Other Project Budgets

Nepal Projects

Summer 2015 – Earthquake relief

Summary of MEPO work in Nepal 2015 post -earthquake

August 2012
  • To provide a wholesome and fun lunch for over 400 people in Kathmandu cost about $500.
  • Close to $400 was distributed among flood-affected families in the Manohara slum area of Kathmandu.
  • One month of food (60 kg of rice, 5 kg  of lentils, and 10 L of cooking oil) was provided to a small orphanage for about $100
  • About $100 was spent to help beggars near the Swayambhu temple with income generation projects and medical care.

Bhutan Projects

August 2012 – January 2013
  • Six months worth of rice, fish, milk, oil and toiletries have been provided on a monthly to four impoverished families in rural Bhutan at a cost of $300 per family ($1200)
  • One very desperate family was also provided with an electric rice cooker, funds for the oldest daughter’s educational fees, and extra soap for about $100.
  • Three families receiving food support were extended aid for another 6 months, including school fees, until July 2013, at $300 per family. ($900)

India Projects

January 2013
  • Arjun, a very ill boy in Varanasi was provided food supplementation and hospitalization ($60)
  • A destitute family in Varanasi was given a small amount of financial support ($50)

TOTAL EXPENDITURES for   November 2012 – February 2013 : $4400

People helped: over 450

MEPO’s goal is to be able to continue these small-scale, meaningful efforts, and to do that we need your help.  If you would like to help with small-scale individual projects such as these, please note on your donation that it is dedicated to small-scale projects.

Thank you.