Links to More About Montessori

To find out more about Montessori education (schools, training, philosophy, books, etc) here are a few recommended sites:   This website, founded by Jules Layman, highlights Montessori schools in underdeveloped places. The House of Flowers has been on Jules’ site for many years. Her consistent support of the House of Flowers and other projects that strive to make Montessori education accessible in all types of communities has been laudable. The House of Flowers has been highlighted in their  newsletters, greatly increasing our exposure, and we are very grateful for this. You can sign up for their newsletter on their website.   This website is a  blog/collection of pieces written by Montessori teachers, trainers, and parents. Jennifer Rogers, who is with Countryside Montessori and was instrumental in organization Countryside’s fundraiser (news item #2) in which they raised over $4000, to help the House of Flowers, has several pieces on the site. Check out her Valentine for Parents article, as well as her article for Mother’s Day, in which she featured the House of Flowers.   The website of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), the original international Montessori organization

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Powerpoint Presentations Available – photos, videos, etc. 

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