Holiday Greetings – December 2017

Another year has passed, making this year 16, and the House of Flowers is busy, vibrant, and thriving with its 26 children. Over the year, the teachers have been busy with the children and sharing lots of lessons and experiences, from outings at the park to art projects. One teacher had a baby; a former housemate got married (Shukria). They have also had to endure security fears with incidents around Kabul, but the staff continues to be fully dedicated to keeping the children safe and protected. 

These days we often receive news of the older children and their progress in transitioning to adult life. For example:  Maryam is still in nursing school. Zaher Shah worked in Tehran for several months and is now in Turkey. Munir is in his first semester studying Accounting and he is also a cashier in a super store. Ramin is studying computer science, and Hayat is studying economics. We are proud of how confidently they are approaching life!

We feel a special gratitude to Canadian Women for Women of Afghanistan, who have provided unprecedented levels of support in logistical, financial and training support through the year. They have become invaluable partners on the ground. 

In addition to the dozens of dedicated individuals who offered ongoing financial support, we are grateful to Goleta Presbyterian Church, Nove Onlus, and Dollar a Month Fund for their donations, and Lantern Projects for making tax-deductible donations to MEPO possible. 

We hope you will join us in 2018 for another strong year in support of the children of Afghanistan! 


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