Funding and the Future, 2020 and beyond

It would be easy to give up on Afghanistan. After so many years of turmoil, it often feels like things are not getting any better. And maybe they’re not. The future looming with the Taliban and peace is very unclear, especially what it may mean for the girls and women of Afghanistan.

But the answer to such worries is not to give up or look away. It is to remember that every day, people are facing such questions on a daily basis, doing their best to survive and thrive, and we can help.

In the latter half of 2019, we at MEPO reached out to our supporters and requested help to meet the budget for 2019. If people had given up, looked away, or said, “Let someone else do it,” that budget would not have been met. The existence of the House would have been imperiled.

But everyone came through. Enough money was raised, all around the world. As has been happening for the past 17 years, schools, individuals, organizations, and clubs have sent support for the children of the House of Flowers. Every year we continue to see the proof of the positive impact that life in the House of Flowers has on these children, with its Montessori philosophy, healthy life, and holistic education.

In Afghanistan, many organizations large and small are doing all they can to support the people there. With your help, we at MEPO are also trying to do our part, with the work of the House of Flowers. It is making a difference. You are making a difference.