Growing Up, Part 2: Razia and Maryam

We continue our series on the children of the House who are now adults with two successful and strong girls:

Razia and her two younger sisters were the first children of the House of Flowers, arriving in 2002. As such, Razia always held a special role as everyone’s older sister. She was 9 at the time, and had only gone to school for one year. She craved to learn, and within 3 months had mastered reading under the tutelage of the House of Flowers teacher Zarlasht, and was quickly on her way to being a studious and serious student. The House of Flowers was her home for 10 years, she and her sisters growing up there together along with dozens of House ‘siblings’. After finishing high school and beginning to support her father,  Razia attended university. Upon completing 2 years in the education department, we were thrilled that Razia became an assistant teacher at the House of Flowers. She understands exactly how the House works, and what values are treasured there. As a child, she was loved for her gentle nature, and admired for her artistry and poetry. And now she continues to share these attributes with the young children of the House, and works with the women who helped raise her.

Maryam , Razia’s close friend, was about 4-5 when she came with her brother Waheed. Maryam was known for her chubby cheeks and her lisp and cute semi-stutter as a little girl. She matured gracefully, becoming a caring and serene young girl. She, like all the children, studied hard, and it paid off: after finishing high school she was admitted into midwifery school, and MEPO has been helping her with her expenses, offering her a scholarship even after having left the House in her teenage years. She is part of the family. AND, she is now engaged to Basir, a boy who also spent some years in the House of Flowers and is working for an NGO while studying in university. Her future is bright, as she prepares to serve Afghan women and children.