Winter 2019 – Daily Life in the House

It is nearly spring, and the national holiday of Naw Ruz (New Year) on March 21 is approaching in Afghanistan. It is a time to celebrate with friends and family, new clothes, special cookies and feasts, and gifts. And in honor of Naw Ruz, it’s the perfect time to give news and updates about the House of Flowers.

Right now there are 28 children in the House, 20 boys and 8 girls. Over the winter they have played in the snow, studied, created art, and done all the things that children do, under the care of our terrific staff.

Below are some projects the children have engaged with. Please click on a picture to enlarge it and see the children’s faces!

Making a timeline of living creatures:

…doing fingerprint art:

…exercising and playing:

These pictures remind us that the children of the House are living fun, safe, warm, enriched lives. We couldn’t do it without the support of all of their friends around the world!