December 2017 – Holiday Greetings

 Dear Friends of MEPO and the House of Flowers, 

The Children of the House of Flowers (HoF) in Kabul have had another safe and successful year thanks to the dedicated teachers, the staff on the ground, Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan who has been a tremendously dedicated donor and partner on the ground, and generous donors such as yourself. As of today, 26 children are thriving in the House of Flowers, learning while staying warm and safe from the rough Kabul winter. Despite the number of security incidents in Kabul through the year, all is well at the House of Flowers and we celebrate with you by sharing some pictures below.

This October the HoF entered its 16th year of operation helping orphans and vulnerable children in Afghanistan. Although it has been a small-scale Montessori-inspired project, diligence has been laid in the quality of education, nutrition and attention each girl and boy receives. The proof of this diligence are the teens who continue to graduate from the HoF and move on by entering universities, getting jobs and developing their adult lives. Our goal for them has always been that they grow up to be balanced, compassionate and contributing members of their society.

We are truly thankful to the wonderful teachers and staff who have made a warm and safe home/school for these traumatized children in the last decade and half. We are also thankful to the ongoing donors who have made this relief for the children sustainable.

Let us all hold hands and wish Afghanistan a more peaceful year in 2018, for the sake of the children.


Mostafa and Allison 

(Dec. 24, 2017         White Salmon, Washington State)

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