Holiday Newsletter and Update (December 2015)

To download the holiday newsletter, with brief updates about the year and the work of MEPO, click on the link: House of Flowers and MEPO Newsletter – Dec 2015

The security situation in Afghanistan worsening, yet the House of Flowers staff continues to dedicate themselves to the children and giving them a safe and healthy childhood. The sacrifices are substantial. In the face of the security challenges they face each day, it becomes more and more clear that they all need our support more than ever.

These children are the literal future of Afghanistan, and seeing the successful paths that the ‘alumni’ of the House of Flowers have followed, we can be confident that their holistic experiences at the House of Flowers have helped them develop resilience, confidence, well-roundedness, basic life skills, and compassion. They also now have a stable loving community in their lives with their relationships in the House of Flowers.

We wish you all wonderful holidays, and thank you as always for your ongoing support.

Allison and Mostafa of MEPO  

December 23, 2015


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Information about the Children, Past and Present (December 2015)

Recently we have worked on compiling a comprehensive list of the House of Flowers children, past and present. This document contains information about the stories and lives of the children, their ages, years in the House, etc, and where they have gone or what they’re doing after having left the House.

It shows that over the years, the House has provided its unique style of care, compassion, education and inner growth to over 140 children. And the work continues.

To read the report, click on this link: Children info past and present – Dec. 2015


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