26) High school graduates and new girls at the House… (May 2014)

March 4 2014 (5) The election is over and life goes on in Afghanistan, especially at the House of Flowers. The last months have been stable in the way that makes it possible to say that nothing remarkable has happened, and life is just about as normal as it can be! The children play, go to school, learn, do art, entertain visitors…

Eight new girls joined the House in the last two months. We are very happy to be able to know that more girls are with us, settling in to the safe and enriching environment of the House of Flowers.

In the meantime, five of the older children, who have been with us for years, graduated high school and took their university exams: Waheed, Noorullah, Nadia, Zahir Shah and Gul Mohammad.  The significance of this is huge: that these children who came from such difficult backgrounds have graduated from high school! We are very very proud of them.

We are grateful to the many people around the world who have been offering support in so many ways recently:

-Robin Fasano and Colin Baker, working in Kabul, delivered a wonderful load of clothes and toys to the children, and have also arranged for a new washer and dryer.

-Paola Valitutti and Susanna Fioretti joined forces in Italy for an annual House of Flowers fundraiser in Salerno, raising over 2500 Eu.

-Colette Fischer in Colorado recently wrote a book called Lovelight Magic, inspired by the Montessori education of her children, and is donating some of the proceeds to the House of Flowers. 


Here are pictures of some of the new children at the House of Flowers: March 4 2014 (15) March 4 2014 (21)
March 4 2014 (4) March 4 2014 (7) March 4 2014 (10)